Haitzondo - Chambres d'hotes


Situated less than five minutes from the center of Hasparren, Haitz Ondo is a peaceful bed and breakfast in the heart of the Basque Country.

In the morning, breakfast is served in a large bright room close to the kitchen. On a large table there are porcelain cups, baskets of fresh bread and different jams are proposed. The classic jams such as fig or blueberry, but also more original ones with apple-banana, kiwi-orange, milk jam…according to the seasonal fruits found.

I wait for my guests and i am glad to serve them the steaming coffee, hot tea and homemade whole milk yogurts…but also pancakes, rice pudding, cakes or pies.

A different breakfast every morning.

For early breakfast, take away will be given. Thank you for telling me in advance.